Demo 2019

by xcauterizex

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released January 31, 2019


Much love and thanks to Gus, xStacix, xPoopx, Emma and Against the Grain Productions, Jason, Alejandra Potter, Sea Shepherd, Anarchist Black Cross, and anyone that's ever taken action against any system of domination. Smash every cage, burn every prison.


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xcauterizex Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Sentenced
Sentenced to a life of pain,
Suffering beyond compare,
Tortured until they've gone insane,
Damaged beyond repair

Burned alive, skin torn from flesh,
Cut open and left to bleed to death

Blinded, disfigured, and dismembered until lungs suffer their final breath

But a hand holds the blade,
A mind makes the choice,
To take innocent life,
To silence their voice

Their blood is on your hands

How can you look into their eyes and tell me this isn't wrong?
How can you see them struggle to survive and tell me this isn't wrong?
This is wrong
You are guilty

Their sacrifices, their lives gone in vain, their emotions squandered without gain
The need to satisfy capitalist greed turns the gears of this death machine

Behind this barbed wire fence, the slaughter of the innocent.
You'll have no chance to repent, you are guilty
Turn the blade on the oppressor to save the victim,
Some deaths are deserved and yours will be their salvation

No room to move, no air to breathe, you deny them that right,
Too long have you walked free, vivisectionist, I deny you your life

Show me your face, demons all of you,
Show me your face, I would kill you if I could

Tonight I long to open your flesh, discard your soul, and hope that whatever god you believe in sends you to burn in hell
Track Name: Sunder
Convert the living to the dead,
Desecrate everything that's left,
Exploit the weak, enslave the free,
You infect us all with your disease

All our lives we've been fed lies,
And it's hard to deny that what we've internalized,
Is the death urge that bleeds us dry,
Yet you demand our lives as sacrifice

The threat of violence keeps us stagnant,
But much worse will come if we don't take action

You bleed and die just as we,
So how can you be so naive,
As to assume your invincibility,
The state gives you authority,
But my only authority is me

You don your armor, your weapons,
A willing agent of oppression,
Manifestation of this culture's lessons,
Dominance, your one obsession

But you have no right to take what's mine,
My freedom, my safety, my life,
I will defend those I love,
And in the end you'll find that there are more of us
Track Name: Amaranthine
Absolute refusal of all that seeks to pacify,
To dull this sword of mine,
Forged in secret, forged in plain sight,
It sings a song that gives me life

Against a culture obsessed with sedation,
A population dedicated to mass intoxication,
My undying allegiance to liberation,
I wield this weapon of self determination

For my suffering is my own,
It cannot be bought, it cannot be sold,
Drugs only seek to eliminate,
The things that are truly mine,
My joy and my rage

What do we have if not our suffering?

Mara and Mammon, the gods to which you pray,
Within your words I feel their taint

Their poisoned fingers graze my face...
Provoking me to embrace,
Self destruction and self hate,
But I refuse this fate

I turned myself into a blade,
I forged myself in the flames,
Against injustice, this war we wage,
Until all are free, I will remain...

Vegan Straight Edge

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